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My May 31st mention of Pinback's Offcell has been driving traffic here via google. Hello Pinback Fans! Check out today's song of the week (offline) and then leave a group or album suggestion as a comment. Much respect.

Today will be a link propagation day. I won't be including the 'via's today as I forget where I discovered most of these sites. Long live memes.

We'll start with the woodcut prints of Félix Vallotton and other selected woodcut artists. Next, you can explore the homepage of Ariel Dolan an independent software developer and artist, living in Ramat-Gan, Israel. The dolls gallery is particularly of interest. And there is always the art of Rachell Sumpter, (wouldn't this piece make a great stencil?) The Morning News is running a piece by John Warner on consumerism called branded for life. Shane Glines draws girls. Brian Mung makes flash cartoons. Polylog is a forum for intercultural philosophy.

Wander-lust has closed it's doors. I'm sad to see it go.

Heaven Gallery lead me to the following gems: Remixed GI-Joe. Siebren Versteeg. A garbage robot. Mark Denardo makes music with a gameboy.

The Dining Rooms released a new album! (See the above 'song of the week' for a sneak peak.)

From the soulseek homepage:

"Soulseek Records is an offshoot of Soulseek, a file-sharing application dedicated predominantly to the free trade of electronic music and the promotion of unsigned artists. Cen-Art, the third release from Soulseek Records, is a compilation of downtempo, ambient, chill-out tracks created especially for the restaurant/lounge/art gallery of the same name, located in Barcelona, Spain. Cen-Art is exclusively available on Soulseek as a 256kbps mp3 release, including hi-resolution artwork. Search for slsk003 or cenart and start downloading."



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