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Green Wednesday [November 2002]

The song of the week (No Longer Online) is Flunk's cover of Blue Monday. (Check the video here.)

Serialtext: 5 novels, 5 days a week. Serialtext brings you a new chapter of a new novel every day of the week, featuring some of the best authors found online and offline.

Spontaneous Prose.

A list of webpages with interesting/novel design concepts.

The car is in the shop and it supposedly needs $500 dollars worth of repairs, (plus labour!). Being able to brake is fairly important to me... so I think we will go ahead with "da fix'n". I just wish I knew a bit more about the inner works of cars. I hate feeling so clueless when talking to the mechanic.

Scratch is playing at the Cinematheque from Decemeber 7th until the 12th. I should really keep up with the Cinematheque scheduel. I missed Secretary and Thirteen Conversations About One Thing this month.

I love the fact that the Hayden album Moving Carful devotes twice as much time to the sound of rain falling/water dripping than it does to music.



Winter Brings Darkness [November 2002]

Think the 80s were lacking in quality music? Think Again.
My memory is weak.
Ode to a robot.
Feel like killing art?




Write... Right? [November 2002]

I'm off to Brandon for the weekend. Here are some links for your weekend surfing needs:

Imagine being trained to kill. US special force soldiers are now trained to have a bulletproof mind.
The scariest quote from that article: ''It was amazing to see the carnage."

Am I alone in my opinion that the Eminem movie 8 Mile sucked? This article from the Village Voice takes the criticism of the movie, (or as far as main-stream reviews go... the lack of criticism), to the next level.

Some writing tips for all y'all!

I found some very inspirering art:

+ Exploding Dog - Sam draws pictures from the titles people send him. A must see!
+ Deeply Shallow - Check out Study 1-3.
+ Kingsey Visual - Graf. This ain't no silly tag'n.
+ Neomu - No words. No adverstising. Just Inspirational images, photographs and graphics.
+ Madreal - This graf/art reminds me of local artist Slo Mo.
+ Devoted Bee - With a name like that... how could these drawings, stories and comics be bad?



C.F. Mode [November 2002]

We went to Lost In Bass this past Saturday. I had forgotten how much I loved parties. The dancing. The smiling faces. The atmosphere. The music at body shaking volumes. The party was at the German Club and we worked the door for a bit. Searching bags, taking tickets, frisking party people. There were some power problems... some LC problems... some police problems... and some people caught having sex. Lots of new faces, (familiar ones too). Tons of fun... plus very few sketched out people, (I didn't get asked "Whatcha'on?" once). There are pictures of the party here. (You may need a hotmail/passport account to view them.)

Here's a little mix from local DJ Joey P. I'm a sucker for hard trance... although I rarely listen to it. It's not really listening music. Dancing to it at body shaking volumes... that's another story.

What is art? My friends and I came up with a definition once: Art is the pure expression of self. We were all pretty excited about it at the time.

I know where Bruce Lee Lives!



HAL is IBM + 1 [November 2002]

Ok. Lots of links today.

Album reviews in 75 words or less.

Jack Black knows everything!

Music snobs have to stick together.

Holy shit! The Automatic Mix Tape Generator.

Once my time frees up a little I'll get back to adding content to this site.



Post Halloween Party Wrap-up [November 2002]

So the Halloween party has come and gone. It was about 4 months in the making and the night went by in a brilliant flash! We didn't get the turn out we had wanted but the people who were in attendance had a really great time. There was a very strong and positive vibe throughout the entire night, and y'all know I'm a sucker for the vibe. The Pyramid looked great with all the pumpkins and decorations and there were some really great costumes in the house.

The night started off with Doug-E playing a funky house set to a nearly empty club. Playing from 8-9 he hadn�t really expected much more than a "bartender set" and I think he had a good time playing on the Pyramid sound system. From 9-10:30 Sisk and Oxide played a really amazing Electro/Breaks set. By this time people were starting to arrive in the club and I headed off to pick up Nick, (Professor Groove), from his hotel. When we arrived back @ the club, CO-OP was about to go on and dance floor was in full effect. Co-oP's set from 10:30-11:30 was great. The dance floor was full of smiling faces and Professor Groove was really digging it. Your Brother In My Backpack went on from 11:30-12:00. There weren't enough hip-hop heads in the place to show them love. Sadly, the crowd felt they couldn't dance to the hip-hop beats and the dance floor cleared. I really enjoyed their set and I think they did a great job faced with a non hip hop crowd.

At midnight the Professor took over the decks and the dance floor came back into action. What a funky set! We tossed candy and clothes to the crowd and later did our costume prize giveaways. I was really happy with crowd that showed up so I attempted to treat them to a little freestyle, which came out really muffled and I think I'm the only one who actually heard what I was saying. Hahahahaha. After Professor Groove, Sisk stepped up to the decks for a second time and treated the crowd to an energy fuelled electro/techno set. By this time there was really nothing left for me to do, so I treated myself to a lot of dancing!

Looking back on the event, I think we learnt a lot about promotion and party organization. My initial goal for the party was to bring out a fairly diverse crowd of people and attempt to expose them to some different styles of music. The genres of music that were showcased were all directly related and yet very different from each other. Electro is tied to hip-hop through b-boying. Hip-hop and breaks have used funk as a sample pool from the beginning. I was really hoping for a larger turn out from the hip-hop crowd. YBIMB should probably have gone on earlier in the night so that the flow of the night might have been a little smoother. But then again, the point of them being there was to expose the crowd to local hip-hop music and had they played earlier there wouldn't have been much of a crowd to expose.

We knew from the beginning that we weren't going to be making any money from the event. However, we had no idea we would take such a loss. I mean, I knew there would be competition on Halloween night, but I really hadn't expected the amount of competition we got, (especially not another funk party, a jungle event and a hip-hop party.)

The party was worth it for so many reasons. I think Nick had a really great time in Winnipeg. Standing up on the stage and looking out at a crowd of smiling faces made me feel really good, (especially since the smiling faces weren't just those of my friends and family!) As for the monetary loss... over the years I have gone to countless local events where the promoters have lost 100s of thousands of dollars in total. I just see this as my donation to the Winnipeg music scene for all the years of great times... great music.... and of course great vibes!

Over the years I've heard the Winnipeg mantra over and over: "There's nothing to do in this town... This city is boring..." That is just plain wrong. If you spend a little time searching you'll find that Winnipeg has a lot to offer... especially music-wise. You just have to dig... or try your hand at promotion. My advice for future local promoters is this: 1) Try to bring out a diverse crowd! It just ain't a party with the same click at every event. 2) Collaboration is the key... I wish I had had the foresight to collaborate with some of this cities other promoters rather than try to compete with them.

That's it for the wrap-up!

If you want to check out some really funny/twisted comics then look no further. (Andrew I think you will love these!)

File this page under strange and addictive yet a little slow.



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